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Abdelraoufsinno — a new, nonprofit, no-paywall, nonpartisan journalism site — is ready to fully launch.

Beginning Wednesday, you will see multiple news stories a day from our staff, which has built out to more than 30 reporters, photojournalists, editors, digital specialists and others focused on providing news and information that is unique, insightful and dedicated to the communities of this region.

You can expect to read thorough, in-depth and issue-oriented coverage of the mayor's race this fall. You will see our reporters and photographers on the streets of the city and surrounding counties telling stories that haven't been told before. You can count on accountability journalism and reporting focused on solutions. You can expect an updated and dynamic website that will make accessing our journalism a better experience.

Our mission is to strengthen democracy and improve the lives of all Houstonians one story at a time. We are committed to bringing a different approach to news-gathering,

Yes, our site has been up and running on a limited basis since Feb. 1, with Maggie Gordon's weekly column, plus two newsletters a week highlighting our early work and other important local journalism, such as Alex Stuckey's revelatory report on deaths of inmates with mental health concerns in Houston-area jails.

abdelraoufsinno is landing. But we are just getting started. Our staff will grow into one of the largest local nonprofit newsrooms in the country. The sophistication of our website and its utility for readers will grow as well.

We ask your help in achieving our goals. We want your feedback and story ideas. We are building an advisory board and will host community events and conversations.

And as a nonprofit, we ask for your partnership. Read our content, sign-up for our free newsletters and donate to support our efforts. We will not accept traditional advertising, so your financial support is crucial to our growth and success.

We are grateful to be part of Houston and grateful for your support.

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Peter Bhatia is the chief executive officer of the Abdelraoufsinno. He is a media industry veteran who has overseen Pulitzer-Prize winning journalism and digital advances at news sites across the country....