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Houston Police released body-worn and surveillance camera video Monday that shows dozens of shots ringing out in a cavernous Lakewood Church lobby earlier this month and the armed assailant yelling “all I need is help” before law enforcement on the scene killed her.

The shooting, captured on body-worn camera from multiple officers, appears to have begun within about a minute of 36-year-old shooter Genesse Moreno entering the church building on Feb. 11 and opening fire as worshippers prepared for a Spanish-language service. Several law enforcement officers responded to the shootout, which lasted three minutes.

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Moreno died in the gunfire exchange, while her 7-year-old son, Samuel, was shot in the head. A 57-year-old bystander, Tom Thomas, suffered a gunshot wound to the hip. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said in a statement Monday that Samuel “continues to fight for his life.”

Law enforcement officials have said it’s too early to confirm whether Moreno or responding authorities shot Samuel. The video does not appear to clarify the question.

Investigators said Moreno took her son and two rifles to the church, then opened fire in the lobby after getting past a security guard. Authorities have not released a definitive motive for the shooting, but they said earlier this month that they are investigating Moreno’s anti-Semitic writings, as well as past conflicts she had with her ex-husband and his family.

Moreno also had a documented history of mental illness and numerous run-ins with neighbors near her Conroe home. Moreno’s ex-mother-in-law said Moreno had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The footage marked the first release of video evidence by police showing the exchange of gunfire between Moreno and law enforcement, some of whom were working off-duty security jobs at the church.

The video began with security footage showing Moreno exiting her SUV with her son and a rifle minutes before the 2 p.m. service was set to begin.

Moreno entered the church with little notice as churchgoers continued to mill about in the hallway. About a minute after entering, the security footage shows churchgoers fleeing. Moreno cannot be seen on the video.

Another security camera then showed Moreno hiding in a lobby doorway, pacing in and out of it multiple times. Her son, clad in a yellow T-shirt and orange pants, held his hands to his ears and cowered against the wall, at one point reaching out toward his mother.

Lakewood Church shooter had numerous police run-ins. None stopped her from buying guns.

by Clare Amari and Monroe Trombly / Staff Writer

As law enforcement and security converged on Moreno with guns drawn, she left the doorway and went into the open hallway. Another security camera showed Moreno taking refuge around a corner, rummaging through her backpack and pacing with a white object before she was gunned down.

One officer’s body-camera footage also captured Moreno shouting “you killed my son” and “all I need is help,” as well as threatening to “blow up the whole f—ing place” with a bomb.

As officers shouted at Moreno to lower her weapon while she was on the ground, body-camera footage showed the boy lying listlessly on the carpet, his arm slipping down his side while an officer prayed over his small form.

“Father God, please bring him close to you,” an officer whispers before calling for a bomb squad.

Law enforcement officials determined that Moreno did not have a bomb. Moreno’s son was hospitalized in critical condition immediately after the shooting. Police later identified Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agent Adrian Herrera and Houston Police Department Officer Christopher Moreno as the off-duty police who responded to the gunfire. (Christopher Moreno and Genesse Moreno are unrelated.)

Local and federal officials said after the shooting that they were investigating how Moreno obtained the weapons. To date, authorities have given no indication that she bought or possessed the guns illegally.

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